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About PS21

The Convergence

Power Shift 2021 is a massive youth convergence taking place virtually from April 16-25th. We originally chose New Orleans as the convergence location because it is a critical hotspot for the climate and environmental justice movements.. New Orleans, along with the entire gulf coast is home to toxic oil and petrochemical (plastic) refineries, and a breeding ground for increasingly dangerous hurricanes. Big Oil is investing heavily into the expansion of plastic production as political resistance to fossil fuels for energy is increasing, posing a serious risk to public health. Despite the event becoming virtual, we are looking forward to honoring the city and region to support organizers on the ground to build local power and draw national scale awareness to local struggles for justice and needs for climate resiliency.

Power Shift 2021 will take place in the first 100 days following the next Presidential inauguration and seeks to build on the political momentum built throughout 2020 to ensure accountability from newly elected officials. The convergence will make space for youth activists to get trained on critical skills and grow powerful campaigns for climate, environmental, and social justice for the coming decade. PS21’s planning, programs, and post-convergence activation will be centering the impacts of structural oppression such as environmental racism and the effects of climate disasters, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color.

A New Generation

Since 2007, Power Shift convergences have propelled the growth of the youth-led climate movement. Fundamentally, we believe that the type of movement that wins is one that focuses on building power from the ground up — starting with those most affected by the injustice and systems of oppression at the core of our society. As such, PS21 will center youth activists, and with that in mind, we invite intergenerational participation and engagement in planning, programming, and execution of the convergence to further uplift the power of the youth.

A National Movement

Power Shift connects individual activists of all ages from across the country to form a network of trained organizers. Since 2007, national and regional Power Shift convergences have motivated and inspired young climate leaders to dedicate themselves to fight for justice for the long haul. Together, we can shape an equitable and just future along with the paths we take to get there.
The People Who Make Power Shift 2021 Possible!

The Convergence Leadership Team

Steering Committee Member & Breach Collective Co-founder and Grassroots Organizer

Host City Committee Member

Steering Committee Member & Unkoch My Campus Executive Director

Steering Committee Member & International Student Environmental Coalition Executive Director

Host City Committee Member

Steering Committee Member & Uplift Leadership Committee Member

Host City Committee Member & Sunrise New Orleans

Steering Committee Member & BanchaLenguas Language Justice Collective Member