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We’re bringing together thousands of young people to build critical skills to halt climate catastrophe.

Power Shift connects individual activists to form a network of trained organizers. Since 2007, national and regional Power Shift convergences have motivated and inspired young climate leaders to dedicate themselves to fighting for justice for the long haul. Together, we can shape an equitable and just future, along with the paths we take to get there

We're Converging in New Orleans .

We will publicly announce our final decision about whether to convene in-person or digitally by February 2021,
based on the latest CDC guidance, vaccine availability, and public health information.

New Orleans is one the cities most heavily affected by climate change in the U.S. Since Hurricane Katrina, NOLA has been a hub for communities building climate resilience — and has lots to teach us about building justice into climate recovery. We are also thrilled to partner with groups from across the region to invest in young people in the area to deepen their work.


Founder, Co-Executive Director, & Communications Director of Generation Green